How To Extract A RAR Archive - A Quick Guide

WinRAR is the oldest and most trustworthy program for archiving files. It is also easy to use and doesn't cost anything. But even though it's easy to use, not many people get confused about how to open RAR files. So, here's an article with more information about how to open and extract RAR files on Windows.

Note: There are a lot of programs that can archive files, like 7zip, WinZip, Extract Now, etc. But this article will only show you how to open RAR files with the WinRAR program. In this piece, we're going to talk about,

        Conventional Way to Unpack RAR Files

        The easiest way to unrar

The Step-by-Step Guide to Opening RAR Files on Windows 10

First, you need the WinRAR program. Make sure you downloaded and installed it from a reputable website. On Windows 10, all you have to do to open the RAR folder is double-click on it. You can also open it by right-clicking on the RAR folder.

        When you open the RAR file, you will see the window below.

        To get the files out of the archive, you can use the Extract To option immediately.

        But it is a good idea to use the Test option to check the integrity of RAR files.

        Click on the Test button. If there are no errors, as shown below, you can extract files from the RAR file.

        Click on Extract To, of course, to get a file out of a RAR.

        You'll see a window called "Extraction Path and Options." In this window, you can choose where to extract the RAR files. Using the red box on the right, you can navigate to the location you want on your computer. Once you're there, click "OK" to extract the RAR files into that folder.

Sometimes, the test results might have a few mistakes, like when you download a RAR file from the internet or an email attachment. Considering several factors, your RAR file is likely broken if your WinRAR test comes back with errors.

WinRAR has tools that can fix minor errors in RAR files that have become corrupted. WinRAR might not help complicated situations, so you can use Remo Repair RAR to fix complex mistakes. Remo Repair RAR is an advanced tool that resolves even the most complex RAR file errors.

How to Directly Extract RAR Files?

The way we talked about it before is a bit long. But here is an option that lets you open the RAR folder directly and move the files from it to a different location. Just follow these steps to quickly and easily extract the RAR file:

        When you right-click on the RAR file and choose "Extract Files," the Extract Path and Options Window will open.

        From here, the process is easy to understand: choose where you want the contents of the RAR file to be extracted and click OK.

        There may be more options than what is shown below. Let's talk about all of these options in detail in the sections that follow.

How to open a RAR file and unpack it in the same folder

As was said in the last section, right-click on the RAR file and choose "Extract Here" or "Extract To" (RAR fileName).

        Choosing Extract Here will unzip the contents of the RAR folder right into the root folder.

        When you select the Extract To (RAR filename) option, a new folder is made, and the files are extracted to that folder.

Additional Choices in the Window for the Extract Path and Options

All these extra options are helpful when the location where the files are being extracted already has a copy of the files being removed.

Update Mode


Replace and Extract Files

This option is chosen by default. If you choose this option, all of the files in the RAR folder will be extracted. If the destination folder already has the duplicate files, they will all be replaced by the files removed from the RAR folder at the moment.

Retrieve and update files

If you choose this option, only the files that don't already exist in the destination folder will be extracted.

Extract Existing Files

If you choose this option, only the files already in the destination folder will be extracted. If the RAR file has extra files that don't exist in the destination folder, those files won't be removed.

Overwrite Mode


Ask before Overwrite

If the RAR folder and the destination folder have duplicate files, this option will bring up a dialogue box asking for permission to overwrite.

Overwrite Without Prompt

If this option is chosen, WinRAR will immediately replace files in the destination folder.

Skip Existing Files

If you choose this option, the files already in the destination folder won't be extracted.

Rename Automatically

If the files are already in the destination folder, you can use this option to change their names.

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