Must-Use Windows Apps and Software for 2022

PC Maintenance Programs

So many PC programs are good for you, but isn't it cool that you can keep them all running simultaneously? It would help if you did this to eliminate unwanted files, caches, temporary files, etc., that do nothing but take up space and use up the system's resources. So, good PC maintenance software keeps everything balanced by getting rid of unwanted files and ensuring the PC runs smoothly and quickly.

Advanced System Optimizer

A powerful tool to get rid of useless files and keep your computer running well. Advanced System Optimizer is easy to use and has an interface that lets you do many different things. It not only cleans the system from top to bottom but also speeds up games, improves memory, protects files, gets rid of invalid registry entries, and speeds up the disk. In short, the Windows management tool is an all-in-one solution.

Best Virus Protection For A Windows PC

Windows 10, 8, or 7 computers must have the best antivirus software installed to protect them from malware, external viruses, and ransomware. These programs do a deep scan of the PC and get rid of anything that is harmful or threatens the way the whole PC works.

Bitdefender Total Plus

Bitdefender's multi-layer protection from malware and ransomware is very good at keeping your PC safe from all new and old threats. This must-have software for Windows 10 lets you bank, surf the web safely, and even help your system run better without worrying about dangers.

Top PC Cleaning Software

As you download more software and use your computer, it tends to fill up with junk, cache, and even apps you don't want. The best PC cleaner makes the computer run smoothly and elegantly by getting rid of them.


CCleaner is a must-have app for Windows 7, 8, or 10. It makes cleaning easy and lets you change how it tends. Sometimes, you don't even know that broken files are taking up space on your PC or that your registry is annoying. This tool can eliminate all of those, saving you time and other resources.

You may have to pay a few dollars for CCleaner Professional, but it gives you private browsing, gets rid of internet trackers, and helps with product updates.

Best Windows Security Software

No one wants their computer to leak information that could lead to identity theft, right? So, it would help if you had PC Windows software that keeps your personal data safe and doesn't let anyone steal your money or other benefits.


TweakPass is a pretty cool tool made by Systweak. It is a smart password manager that stores all of your account passwords in one vault that you can lock with a master password. The security level is improved by using this Windows productivity tool, which has an easy-to-use interface for more information. Must-have software for Windows 10 that comes highly recommended

The Best Audio Tools for a Windows PC

We all agree that Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player are bright and easy to use, but we're all moving toward audio tools that can also meet our other needs.


This free, open-source, cross-platform software for editing audio is easy to use and has support for multiple tracks simultaneously. It can record live audio, keep the sound quality up to par, add effects, and export the sound in different formats. Isn't that cool? It is one of the best PC editors because it has many features.

Best Backup Software For Windows Computer

Even though Windows' Time Machine backup and File History may make you think that you don't need a backup or disk recovery for your PC, other options are more reliable.


Dropbox is probably the best place to store your files and is also one of the best PC disk recovery tools. It can put all the items in one place, change and organize the folders, and keep everything safe in the cloud so that you can bring anything back to the table.

Best PC Browsers

Browsers are presumably the first thing you need after setting up your computer system. You can use them to download files and check your social media accounts. So, which browser is the best for Windows?

Mozilla Firefox

When you use Mozilla Firefox to browse, you don't want to miss out on things like features that are easy to change, security, and privacy. Firefox Lockwise saves your passwords on all of your devices. Private Browsing erases your history and lets you add more plug-ins for more support. After all, this must-have software for a new PC is excellent.

Best Defragmentation Software for Windows

Data that is fragmented or broken up into small pieces slows down the overall performance of your PC. And this is when you need good Windows defragmentation software to rearrange everything.


Piriform Defraggler makes your PC run faster by putting files back together in the computer. It is safe and secure. In the end, you can save a good amount of space that you can use in a better way tomorrow. You can even change the default settings for the files and folders you want to defragment. Download Defraggler because it is a must-have program for Windows 10.

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