Which Archiver Is More Effective At Compressing Files

There are a lot of archivers in use on the Internet today. Also, the description of each program says that this particular algorithm is the best. We decided to test some of the most popular archivers on the Internet, including WinRar, WinUha, WinZip, KGB archiver, and 7Z, in "combat" conditions.

The comparison might not be very fair. The archives were compared on an ordinary computer, which has average indicators. Also, different kinds of data were not used. Instead, the compression comparison was made on a regular "Word" document.

It stands to reason that data that isn't accessed regularly should be kept in a repository, from which it should only be retrieved when necessary. It is also much simpler to transfer such a file; doing so on a flash drive takes less time than doing so on some individual files, and downloading it directly from the Internet happens much more quickly.

Compression comparisons

A brief experiment was conducted in which many different archivers were utilized to compress an RTF file by around 3.5 millimeters. We are not considering the length of time it takes to work. In a moment, we will go into greater detail regarding the operation of the programs. Just for the time being, we're going to focus on the compression ratio. The application KGB Archiver 2 has the highest percentage of compression possible.

The original file's size has been reduced by a factor of 23. So, if your hard drive is full of files that you don't use and want to get rid of (but think might come in handy someday), compressing them and burning them to a CD might be a better option than trying to get rid of them one by one.

KGB Archiver 2

It's not a terrible archiver, and the developers claim their compression method is one of the "strongest." However, the rate of compression might be improved significantly. For instance, compressing the file, approximately 3 megabytes, took roughly three minutes to complete.

It is possible that compressing one CD will take at least a half-day to complete. Unpacking the file takes precisely the same amount of time as compressing it, which is entirely unexpected. If you spend a half-day trying to squeeze your documents out of the archive, how long do you think it would take to acquire them?

The program helps handle limited amounts of data, particularly when maintaining the smallest possible source file size is critical (for example, the file must be placed on a floppy disk or a small flash drive). Again, you can't tell how large the compressed file will be in advance, so squeezing it could be a waste of time.


One of the most well-known archivers, legendary. Is there a way to "download WinZip for free"? Yes. "ZIP" archives are probably the ones you find most often on the Internet. And it's not by accident. Even though the compression ratio isn't the best, the speed of operation is just incredible. Windows, for example, opens these archives as regular folders.

Also, we shouldn't forget that this archiver and how it compresses files have been around for a long time compared to newer competitors. Also, not all users have fast enough computers to work quickly with new formats. And all modern archivers can work with Zip files.


Most computers already have well-known programs on them. It wouldn't have so many fans if it didn't do so well. WinRAR took only a few seconds to compress the file, and the file size decreased by 17 times. This is an excellent result when you think about how little time it took to process. And it takes even less time to unpack the file.

The program was great, and it showed some of the best results. When setting up compression, you can also tell the program how extensive the archive can be, and it will break it up into several parts. When you can't write the whole file, it's easy to move a file from one computer to another on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD drive.


This page offers a relatively recent archiver that may be downloaded for free. Many people who work with archives are interested in using the application, even though it is not particularly well-known. The developers of the archiver claim that their compression algorithm is superior to those used by RAR and 7Z.

In light of the results of our limited investigation, we cannot affirm that this is the case. Using different data makes it feasible to obtain far better outcomes than you would otherwise. A solid program that provides an excellent means of compressing file sizes. When compared to WinRar, the process of creating and processing the archive takes more time. However, some data types can be marginally compressed.

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